Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A Proper Crochet Blog

Ok so I have waffled on about life in the house, time for a proper Crochet post.

I've been making a hat, scarf and hobo set for the sis-in-law in purple aran.

The hat is in Puff stitch with atiralee detail, the base for the scarf is Queen Annes Lace, then I have expanded the width with cluster of 4's in double crochet and lace chain.

And the hobo's are the old faithful of Treble crochet with tiralee beaded roses.

So I think I will show everyone the Queen Anne lace pattern on Thursday and go from there.

Its not Tonsiltennis

its a viral throat infection... lovely.

Connor is very happy, under doctors orders, he is in bed with a dvd and a tub of icecream.

And I'm sat here, blogging away, using difflam spray.. grand stuff it is, numbs the throat but the ears are ringing... If only I could tune them up to give a Christmas Carol

Thursday 17th December

Everyone is welcome to join me at Heaths for mincepies and mulled wine.

I havent got a clue what we are going to do, but if anyone has any cheeky Christmas jokes please bring them along.

Check details on the side bar... actually give me a little time to post them, I have to get dressed for the docs...

Sorry but I won't be kissing anyone for a while...

If anyone is expecting a snog under the mistletoe, well I'm afraid they won't be recieving one from me.

I am now at the end of my tether with illness. It has been non-stop for nearly 2 months now and a girl can only take so much...

I now have a a COLD, not SF, and tonsiltennis aka tonsilitus...isn't life grand!

Katie had it last week and myself and Connor have it together now. David is scared to come home from work incase he brings something new into the house, lol.

But I'm thinking, get it now before Christmas and be germ free for the holiday period.

Why do you need to gulp more, when you have a sore throat...?

Answers on a postcard please

So Sorry

Everyone must have thought that I had deserted the blog. I haven't just that my thingymarjig that plugs in the telephone box dodar, wasn't working properly...

So here I am to finish off what I started over a week ago.

Our Raffle winner for the christmas Gnomes, I believe is Annie with number 30.

I say believe because my son in his helpfulness, and he meant so well, decided to INDIVIDUALLY put every raffle number in the pot, instead of strips!

So a number was drawn, which was 30... then I had to s it and piece every strip together...

So Well Done Annie.

I'll let everyone know what we raised on Thursday.. still disappointed...

Anyways off to write a new post again.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

A Little Disappointed

Well Ladies and Gents, I have to say that I was a little disappointed with todays fayre.

We were be far the best stall on the Christmas Fayre, ( I know this because a council inspector said so!), but myself and KT couldn't get the interest going as much as we would have liked. And to be honest it was until later that we thought about turning the stall around and using it as a mixture of sales and of tombola.

HOWEVER we won't give up...

We have decided that we will find another market event and do a gift and tombola stall. We learnt a lesson today, so hopefully we will be able to build up the Charity Pot.

I do know the amount raised, but there will be only one Raffle Gnome given out. I will be giving Chris one of her gnomes back as she has other folks that have donated money and are wanting one.

I will e-mail Chris in the morning and tell her the amount raised, and update folks either at class, or through e-mail. ( Through Chris's wishes).

All I can say is thank you once more for the kind donations, and we will try our very best in the next couple of weeks to get more.

Oh and Diane, I know we don't have a picture up yet, trust me we have been trying, hence the wait for this post, but for some reason the phones software is 'reading' properly, whatever that is, and tell your lovely husband thank you for moving my car safely :) - We will get a picture of you to send to Austraila asap.