Wednesday, 27 January 2010

28th January 2010

Hi everyone,

bet you were wondering, where the devil has she gone.

Well I've been quietly trying to understand filet stitch!

I understand the mechanics, but to be honest some of the patterns are quite hard to follow (usually the one that use symbols.

But we will still try and give it a go. I have an idea we can sort of follow.

I'm also worried about the increase and decrease aspect, so I may just leave that for this week but try and find a good source for a later date and then we can experiment:)

I'm going to go and have a look around for some other stitches too, incase we get in a tangle with the filet.

So they will be a surprise....

I can only suggest to bring your favourite hook and colour yarn tomorrow.

Take Care

Saturday, 23 January 2010

How Rude!!!

I do apologize...

I forgot to introduce the ladies that attended on Thursday.

We have Gloria, a give it a go gal who loves her crafting and a good natter :)

Amanda , someone who is determined to get it right - maybe competition for Chris here, (Chris I'm sure will understand this little joke ;p). Again a lovely sociable lady.

And Leisa (OK I had to check my spelling twice - I hold my hands up), a lovely person, happy to join in, but heck no patience, lol - Leisa said it first... not me!

Welcome, welcome and welcome ladies and you know you are more than welcome to join us anytime.

(Ps Katie was there too making coffee and pot washer, lol, I best mention that).

Granny Square Tutorial

Basic Granny Square - there are many designs to the Granny Square, and you can add as many colours as you like. They can be large or small.

These instructions are work in the SPACE not stitch, and are formed in 3 post clusters of DC.

Cast on 6 chains

Then join both ends to form a circle,

Chain three, then in the SPACE (inner part of the circle), DC 2 times, the ch3 is the first post to the cluster.

Chain 1 - this is the part that makes the first 'corner' to the square.

Continue around the circle and do an additional 3 cluster with a chain 1 inbetween each cluster of three -

In the above picture you can see 3 clusters with the chain1 between,

Once you have done the fourth cluster, you need to join the circle, put hook into the top stitch of the original ch3 post and slip stitch

This completes the first round.

Second Round - chain3

We now work slightly backwards - place hook into the last corner space formed and DC twice = cluster

This forms HALF of the first corner

Put hook into next corner space and do a 3 post cluster of DC

Chain 2 - you will throughout the pattern ALWAYS do 2 chains at the corner - this will keep the tension of the square right.

On the 'straight' of the square you DO NOT put any chains.

Then to finish the corner stitch DC x 3

Continue to work DC x 3 - Chain 2 - DC x 3 around each corner space.

When you come back to the first cluster that waas made, make another cluster DC x 3 then chain 2 -

To join slip stitch in the 3rd stitch of the chain post you first made

Congratualations you have now finished the 2nd round.

Third Round

Chain 3 and Dc x 2 into the last corner space made ( as before)

Then place hook into the first space along (straight) WITHOUT and chain stitches and do DC x 3

Do not add any chains, then work into the next corner space and work corner clusters as above

Continue around square - single clusters on the straight spaces, and two clusters + 2 chain stitches to form the corner.

Join round as above instructions - 3rd Round finshed.

I usually only do 6 rounds maximum and then join to make a larger square.

But you don't have to stick to the rules, you can keep going until desired size.

To join in a new colour, break off yarn after you have joined a round, then start the next round as usual but start with a new colour on the 3 chain stage and then contiue around.

Remember NOT too add any additional chains between clusters as this will spoil your tension of the square.

Good Luck

New Learners

Hi everyone,

I wanted to thank the ladies that joined me on Thursday and what a pleasure it was to meet them.

We managed to get past the foundation round - yuk! And get through all of the basics.

Well done ladies.

No piccies to show this week, I'm afraid, I didn't want to frighten anyone with my photography skills...

I have however done a Granny Square tutorial... some blurry pictures there, but hey ho...

Oh caught up with Elaine and she is OK, been a bit poorly but well on the mend now.

So look out the Granny Square tutorial is next.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Tutorial: Diagonal Box Stitch P3

This is the Final part of this tutorial - DECREASING

To hope show a little better how to decrease I have done the work in a different colour yarn, self explaintory really when you see the pictures.

Simple first step Chain 1

You then TURN your work NOT flip, like so

You now have to work 3 slsts along the top of the last Dc's you made - please note I have made a mistake in the following picture, I only did two! - then make another slst in the top of the 'ladder' = 4 slsts in total

Ch 3, 3 DC in the same space - just like before when making a box

I bet you can guess what you are going to do next, you place your hook into the top of the 'ladder' space again and slst, Ch3, 3Dc and finish off with slst in the top 'ladder' space.

We are now going to decrease back the other way, again I have changed colour of my yarn.

Chain 1

TURN work

Work along the top of the last 3 DC's you made and into the ladder space and slst in each one.

Ch3, 3DC in this space

And finally slst into the final top block.

Cut yarn and tie off.

Well done you have just made a square that is 3 boxes in length and 3 boxes in width.

But STOP, what if you want to make a rectangle?

You decide the width of your work then decrease only on one side.

So you will work one side with 6 chains as for the increase (P1&P2) - constantly until you have reached the length you would like -


At the SAME you decrease on the opposite side to keep the width you want.

You will see a corner form to your work.

Please remember that the 'BOX' count will stay the same as you work the rows, if you suddenly have one too many you have worked over your decrease eadge and added an extra box.

I hope you can understand this tutorial even if the pictures aint exactley the best

Tutorial: Diagonal Box Stitch P2

Continuing on from the first part we are going to make the 3rd round.

You make a Ch of 6 again

You will start to get into the swing of things and do a DC in the 4,5 and 6th chain

Now you are going to flip your work again upwards, like the picture below and if you look to where the point of the hook is this is the space you will be working in next (think ladders top rungs again)

Slst in this space and Ch3, then 3DC's in this space

Again if you look at the position of the head of the hook this is where you are going to place it next, at the top of the next 'ladder'.

Slst, Ch3 and 3DC in this one space

Well Done you have now completed Round 3, hopefully without tears.

You can continue with Chain 6 at beginning of the next round to make the piece wider/longer and follow the basic instructions in the first two parts of this tutorial.

In the final part I'll show you to decrease and explain how to lengthen work on one side (ie for a scarf).

Tutorial: Diagonal Box Stitch P1

Just to stress to everyone I am NOT a photographer, so some of these pictures may not be the best in detail, but I hope with the pictures and the written word you will understand this tutorial.

Ch = chain
DC = double crochet
Slst = slip stitch

Make a Ch of 6

In the 4th ch from the hook, make a DC

Continue to make ONE DC in the 5th and 6th chain from the hook

Make a fresh Ch of 6 again

You make ONE DC in each of the 4, 5 and 6th chain again

Place your work so it looks like the picture above (yes girls saggy boob time).

Then you FLIP the left hand one up like so

We are going to now make the first step of our diagonal.

If you look at the piece you have flipped up it looks a bit like a ladder, you place your hook through the top two rungs of this piece and do a slst, then Ch 3

Them make 3DC's in the same space

You have now made TWO rounds of Diagonal Box Stitch - Congratulations.

The next 2 posts will explain how to make a third row then how to DECREASE