Wednesday, 17 March 2010

18th March Class

Tomorrow is a beginners class but there are places for regulars to come and say hi and give encouragement. Bring along a current project or just come along and bug me for advice


Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Thursday 11th March

Just a quick reminder to you lovely ladies coming on Thursday.

We will be doing

The Puff Stitch, Hobo's and somethign else! if we have time.

Until Thursday, tc

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Class 4th March

Phewwwwwwwwww... back here.

Blocked for some reason and the piccies still arent showing right!

But hey ho I will attempt to get this post up before the galaxy explodes.

We will be doing Granny Squares adn joining them up :)

So you will need squares maybe of 6 rounds x1 and any others made up to 5 rounds only.

Also we are hopefully going to do Cables in our crochet, I think it will be fun and not too much of a strain on the brain, especially after last weeks lesson.

Usual thing of happy hook and good old fashion yarn, ie not bobbly, lol

Until Thursdays ladies

happy hooking

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Missing Photo's

I know through comments that some arent seeing photo's. I do know blogger has been having some problems.

I believe that sometimes though they look like they are missing they actually there, and they are not loading at the proper speed.

I'll try and keep an eye on it, and of course if you are still having problems let me know and I'll try and find out what is going on.

Todays class

Well we all must be mad and confused by now.

The Catherine Wheel got us all confused and muttering under our breath and if that didn't help some did gurning!!!

Today we had Chris, Annie, Meg, Jean, Elaine, Marilyn, Elaine and Gloria and we all started with high hopes, got frustrated in the middle then back on track by the end :)

I actually think all you lovely ladies did very well, and I do promise that once practiced it can be a satisfying(?) stitch to do.

And of course you all flew through the Tunsian Link stitch.

I'm going to update blog hopefully over the weekend.

And if I have time maybe do some photo's, instructions for Catherine Wheel.

Thank you for great company everyone



Anyone else other than me zonk out on the sofa after this afternoons session:)

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

24th February

Hi Ladies,

tomorrow we will to tackle the Catherine Wheel aka Wool eater, so you will need at least 2 colours of yarn and a comfy hook.

We'll also look again at Hobo's and the differetn ways/stitches you can use,

And finally a look at a different tunisan stitch.

Sorry for the delay in this post, there has been many reasons.....

See you all tomorrow


Thursday, 18 February 2010

What a fab morning

Well the beginners class was really good. I dont have any pictures to show, (didn't take any), however I think all the new ladies enjoyed themselves :)

We did the usual and finished off with a Granny Square - well done ladies.

Hopefully you will have all gotten the crochet bug, and as once said, if not once but several times,
'its eassssssssssssy!'

Our new Ladies were,

Elaine, Helen, Meg, Jean and Marilyn and we had a rather quick visit from Elaine and her granddaughter.

Hopefully they will join us next week or in events to come.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Crochet Class 11th Feb

We started class doing tunsian crochet and it went quite well, though the plain stitch was more favoured than the knit stitch

Here you can see Dianes work using her large needle

Chris's work on the dowl

Ohhhh Errrrrrrrr Missus whats that between your
Yep they were both giggling!!!

The concentration of Elaine

And it pays off :)

And Erna get stuck inand she also gave a quick lesson in Continental Knitting

Knit and Natter 5th February

Here are the pitcures of our First KNit and Natter

I know what your thinking this isn't knitting, no its Annies first sewn picture, I think its pretty nice and a fab job

Heres Jules she turned out to be the sock champion and helped all the girls with their sock issues, and yes there were a lot!!!

Chris showing off her hats first here for her friend

And Annie showing off Chris's other creation

Chris deep in thought

The beginnings of a sock made by Elaine,

And Dianes beginning of a sock to be worn by hubby - zany colours

Annir get stuck into her bag? I thinks

Who's that? sorry I cant remember but look sock again!

Jules lovely sock

Chris starting her creation

And just to show what sort of kit Chris brings to class

We did have a good time that day and plenty to natter about.

Friday, 12 February 2010

When boys get involved

Here is a link to Lawerences blog (aka Mr Diane, lol) who lovingly made Diane Large Knitting needles for the broomstick lace,

>>> <<<

Didn't he do a grand job.

And he's not the only husband to get involved.

Mr Chris made Chris a tunsian hook - quite ingenius really.

Mr Diane got excited by the prospect of metal work and only went and made some Hairpin Lace metal thingys, I kn.ow I should know the proper name but it just won't come to mind, lol

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Broomstick Lace Tutorial

Here's the Tutorial for Broomstick Lace

You will need the following:

Yarn of your choice, a hook and a 20mm Knitting Needle or Broomstick handle.

The pictures are pretty clear and should help as you go along (warning this post is long)

You can work Broomstick Lace over as many threads as you would like, and for this tutorial, I have used 4 threads on a chain of 20 = 5 Broomstick Loops

Firstly chain the number required for your project (ie 20)

Transfer the stitch from hook onto KN

Put the hook into the next stitch on chain and pull through yarn

Transfer this loop onto KN = 2sts on KN

Continue along chain placing loops pulled through onto KN = 20sts KN

Now the fun bit starts.

Put your hook into the first four stitches in the KN, knit wise

Wrap yarn around hook and pull through

Wrap yarn again over hook

And pull through loop on hook (this fixes the for loops together)

Slip 4 stitches off KN, and put hook in natural space = 4 threads at front 4 at back

Wrap yarn, and pull through 4 loops

Wrap yarn and pull through 2 stitches on hook = SC

Do another 3 SC in the same space = 4SC in loop

Scarey Bit!!!
Pull off - but take care - ALL the loops off KN
(Don't worry that large loop you can see in pic is actually tail of my chain)

Now put hook into the next FOUR loops,
wrap yarn and pull through

Wrap yarn and pull through 2 stitches on hook
(Fix stitch)

Make 4SC in the 4 thread space as before

Continue working along each 4 threads until the end
Fix stitch followed by 4SC

The next round

Transfer stitch left on hook onto KN

Then put hook into 2nd SC along ( see where hook is)

Pull yarn through and transfer to KN

Continue along the next two stitches, transfering loops onto KN = 4 loops on KN

There is a natural gap ( valley)

You next put your hook, in the first SC made, and pull through yarn
(see where hook is)

And then continue to pull FOUR loops and transfer - 1 loop per stitch

Pull through 4 loops over each Broomstick Loop previously made
= 20 loops on KN

Then off you go again -
Repeating what you have done previously -
Hook into 4 loops knitwise and fix stitch etc

This is what it looks like when the KN is resting between your legs
Not very lady like, but it works a treat!