Saturday, 13 February 2010

Knit and Natter 5th February

Here are the pitcures of our First KNit and Natter

I know what your thinking this isn't knitting, no its Annies first sewn picture, I think its pretty nice and a fab job

Heres Jules she turned out to be the sock champion and helped all the girls with their sock issues, and yes there were a lot!!!

Chris showing off her hats first here for her friend

And Annie showing off Chris's other creation

Chris deep in thought

The beginnings of a sock made by Elaine,

And Dianes beginning of a sock to be worn by hubby - zany colours

Annir get stuck into her bag? I thinks

Who's that? sorry I cant remember but look sock again!

Jules lovely sock

Chris starting her creation

And just to show what sort of kit Chris brings to class

We did have a good time that day and plenty to natter about.


  1. Hi Carole - Thanks for the lovely comments but what happened to the Knit & Natter photo's? Cheers Jules

  2. Eek... I don't know, either blogger is playing up orrrrrrrr they have been lost in the etha, I'll see if I can correct them after class tomorrow

  3. This is not a real comment, but an attempt to prove that I think I know how to do one. Not being a stitcher, but a stitcher's husband I trust that you will alow me this small try.
    Apart from that I do read your blog with interest to see if any of the things that I make appear in the photos.
    That's all for now,


  4. Another, I am signed in as Lady, as that is the name of one of my locos, and is useful to remember as a password, Full name of loco, THE LADY DIANE!

    CU again