Thursday, 18 February 2010

What a fab morning

Well the beginners class was really good. I dont have any pictures to show, (didn't take any), however I think all the new ladies enjoyed themselves :)

We did the usual and finished off with a Granny Square - well done ladies.

Hopefully you will have all gotten the crochet bug, and as once said, if not once but several times,
'its eassssssssssssy!'

Our new Ladies were,

Elaine, Helen, Meg, Jean and Marilyn and we had a rather quick visit from Elaine and her granddaughter.

Hopefully they will join us next week or in events to come.


  1. Hi Carole, I really enjoyed Thursday Thank you.
    I have been practicing, i have gone wrong a few times!! but i have re-done it and re-done it until i got it right.I am hooked and i love it.
    see you Thursday

  2. Glad you have cracked it Elaine, we'll have some fun tomorrow