Sunday, 18 October 2009

Beginners Class - 15th October

Hi everyone,

We had a nice morning, without many tangles or frustrations and we welcomed 3 new people to class, Donna, June and Rosemary, with the usual suspects Annie and Chris.

Donna, June and Rosemary soon got into the hang of it, though I think we all decided that the cast on round has to be the worst round in crochet. ( I hate it too!)

There are many things that I want to post about so here is a list and you can scroll down to the bit that interests you the most:

Photo's of the shop
Class itself, photo's included
Classes coming up
How to crochet Circles
I want to know? Teddy Bears

Photo's of the Shop

Steve kindly took these shots, as you will see later there is a reason why I am not a photographer!

For those that haven't visited before take a look;

Giant Pom Pom Christmas Tree - Welcomes you through the door, yes Christmas Season is creeping upon us!

You can't crochet or knit without your tools, a great selection, in fact too many to choose from, but what the heck!

The shopkeep himself! Heath trying his best to blend into the background. Also you can see some of his artwork.

Yarn, yarn and some more yarn to get your creative juices going, (too many to show for now, but they will be added in other posts).

If anyone is wondering where the class fits into the shop, we have a nice snug corner at the back, with comfy chairs and cushions we can plunder from the shop, shhh don't tell the shopkeep!

Crochet Class - 15th Ocotober 2009

We started about 10ish with Donna a totally new beginner, and June, who knew a little from years back when, and we started with the dreaded practice square.

I like to go through the stitches, first round is the round to make mistakes in and the second round of the same stitch is to get it right and to get your rythme going.

I boo-boo'd and got my American Stitches mixed up with the British, something of a habit of mine which I am determined to break, (thank you Annie for the suggestion to put this right).

Annie and Chris arrived a little later, and got stuck straight in with practice squares, though Annie decided to do her stitches in a different order, ha ha, but they looked good.

Chris has mastered her Granny Square and is working on a piece of the most gorgous chocolate and lime colour - sorry Chris I didn't grab a picture of it, but when you have finished the item I will post it, so everyone can see what a great crocheter you are.

We had a late arrival of Rosemary, again someone who had some knowledge but needed help just correcting her stitch count, and where does that stitch go, that always seeemed to disappear?
Luckly she had seen the poster in the window and jumped at the chance to join in.

Through talking to each other, we found that not everyone is comfortable with a slimmer hook, and it is important to be comfortable, or you can lose the crochet bug before you start. Thats why classes are good, everyone has a free opinion to everything that they use, and you can experiment without thinking anyone is critising or scrutinising your work.

Donna, June and Rosemary cracked Granny Squares in their first lesson, and they will be receiving an e-mail with written instructions on how to strat these, just to remind them.
I know Donna wants to make a larger Granny Square blanket, so we are looking forward to that.
And June is after doing some clothing articles.
Rosemary is on the Teddy Bear trail and I'll be shooting out an e-mail with instructions, adn of course visiting Teddy Bears later in this post.

Here are some pictures of the group and the different ways in which they hold their hooks when they are creating

Donna: Rosemary:

Annie: Chris:

Hmm, it seems that Junes picture is lost in the camera etha!

As you can see, everything is pretty informal and cosy, and there is always, tea/coffee, biscuits and sweets on the go.

Classes coming up

Well I didn't know but Heath has pre-booked a class for October 29th (£15) for the morning 10am - 1pmish - we never seem to end on time, but that just shows how much everyone is wanting to learn more, or worse has a bad crocheting addiction!

So go and get your names down if you would liek to book in for that date.

I am putting some feelers out there, to see what folks want to do, which is coming up shortly in this post.

Lets have a break, and get creative, especially for Chris :)

How to Crochet Circles

Not something I have done, but that means we can all learn together.

This is a Three Round Circle to get us started.

Foundation Rnd: Chain 6 and join at first ch to make a foundation circle.

Rnd 1: Either work in DC (double crochet) or TRC (triple crochet) - Do the appropiate amount of turning chain 3/4 then make 11 individual sts, so you have a total of 12 spokes, sl st to join the circle of stitches. (Should look like a wagon wheel, and I don't mean the chocolate variety, if it looks like the choc one you have seriously done something wrong!).
Change colour.

Rnd2: In a SPACE, not stitch, work a DOUBLE cluster of your chosen stitch - Remember we make a turning chain to count as our first spoke of the cluster. Continue to work around the spaces, doing double clusters, without any chains inbetween. Again join with a sl st and change colour

Rnd 3: With new colour make turning chain in a SPACE and make another 2 spokes so that you have a cluster of 3 in total in the one space. Chain ONE, then continue into the next space, making a cluster of three. This round has a chain added sbetween each cluster, to help with the shape of the circle.
Finish with a sl st and hopefully you should have a 3 round circle.

I want to know? Teddy Bears

We did discuss it and the little teddy that I made for class seems to be a hit. So the thing I want to know is ...
Who is up for a Teddy Bear class?
I am going to look at a couple of different patterns and see which ones are the easiest to do.
And also work out a proper schedule for the future, so folks aren't missing out because of work committments, etc.

Until later,

Happy crocheting


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