Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Thursdays Class

Hi Ladies and of course Gents

I have a lot of catching up to do because of the hen weekend. Which was a blast, but I will recall tales of this on Thursday to those that will listern.

I have just popped into the shop and been informed that there could be at least five of us. So I am thinking of doing the following.

I know one of the ladies is new and probably a beginner, so I will be teaching her the basics.

My other ladies I am going to write up two patterns, one is hobo's which can be done in either TRC or Ripple.

The second pattern will be for the Catherine Wheel aka Wool Eater.

We will hopefully discuss about teddy bears and get prepared for a class before Christmas.


Hobo's :- Either a hook sized 3.5 - 4mm with double yarn 0r
5 - 5.5mm hook with chunky yarn (this one makes up fastest).

Catherine Wheel :- 3.5 - 4mm hook with double yarn in TWO colours at least
(This pattern is more technical but you are more than able
to do it :)).

I'll shoot off some e-mails now and hopefully see you all Thursday

Happy Crocheting

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