Monday, 1 February 2010

Catch Up

Firstly... I've got the dreaded RSI *pfft*, so i'm all strapped up.

Secondly class on Thursday, I hope you girls have remembered to do your homework!

Usual suspects were there, Amanda, Diane, Annie, Chris and Elaine. Diane was eager to take photos which I will show off in a mo - you will notice that she is missing so we must remember next time she takes some pictures to actually include her in them.

We tackled the Filet Stitch and I think all ladies found it quite easy, and we also did some Streamer Sttiching worked in the Filet Stitch, but we substitued the usual wool yarn with thin ribbons.

We got different results with this, but it was nice to work with something different.

Elaine and the beginnings of Filet Stitch

Chris concentrating hard

Annie being she must be working hard

Hmm, me counting stitches I think?

And Diance Filet Stitch with Ribbon Streamer - just shows what a different effect you can get.

Well Done Ladies some lovely work.

Homework reminder - if possible 2 of 10 by 10 Filet Squares and scraps of coloured yarn to do the Wiggle.

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