Monday, 2 November 2009

Anyone know how to use the focus button?

OK don't laugh, but I did warn in an earlier post that my photography skills were basically pants...

I'm afraid the pictures that have arrived show this to be very true.

So if you wear glasses, take them off... If you don't, put some on...

It could be the only way you can see classes exploits in some sort of focus.

So to class held on 29th October.

We had two newbies join us, Heather and Margarita.

Heather a lady who has some skills at crochet, and told us of the time spent with nuns and having to do precise work on a frock or smock, I believe. It seemed to be brutal when you are a small child.
For all the good work that nuns do, why is it that they are so scarey?

Margarita ( such an exotic name - though in the back of my head Marg was allows on the tip of my tongue!) Was an absolute beginner, her main craft is felting, and after receiving a book about crochet flowers she wanted to learn so tht she could felt her crochet into her work. An excellent idea, if I do say so myself.

We also had the usual supects of Annie, Chris and Rosemary.

Having a mixed class of abilities is a scarey thing for me, as I am a beginner at teaching the subject and I wanted to make sure everybody got something out of the lesson.

Heather and Margarita, started with the dreaded practice square, and they too joined 'I hate the foundation round appreciation society'.

Heather flew through this, and also grappled and conquered Granny Squares, well done Heather.

Margarita however, like some, found this to be a more differcult task. But with patience and getting comfortable with her hook, she managed to finsh the task.

I can't say it enough, once you have got the feel of your hook in a comfortable position, crochet can become very rewarding and I hope The Square didn't put her off!

Rosemary was on her Teddy Bear Quest and as there will be tiny grandchild feet soon to be pattering, Rosemary got stuck right in, with the help of paperclips as nifty spiral round counters.

I was a little mean with Annie and Chris, as I has prepared the Catherine Wheel/WoolEater pattern for them to tackle.

But rights I should have done this step by step with them, but after a couple of mishaps Annie was on a roll, and I think she surprised herself, she did great work.

But funny enough Chris I believe found this pattern a little frustrating. Chris has come on leaps and bounds and has great confidence in her work.

So to pictures

The Store in Autumn Glory

I darent show the rest.

Heather in full flew

Margarita deep in concentration

Annie cracking the Catherine Wheel

And Chris being determined to get it right

Teddy Bear Quest

Heres one I made earlier, and Rosemary is trying her best to replicate it

Chris's Creations

As promised from an earlier post here are Chris's Granny Square and her Circles

(sorry about the blur, but I promise it is a beautiful piece of work).

As you can see everyones skills are growing, and the class are having a good time learning new skills.

Well Done Ladies for all the hard work and the fun you bring to class

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