Friday, 27 November 2009

Crazy Crafter

As many of you know I am preparing for the Christmas Market being held next week.

I have less than a week to get everything ready, and only realizing now how many jobs I have to do to be prepared!

I would like to thank everyone that has made or donated items for the stall, yesterday was quite overwhelming, with all these items.

So back to the crazy crafter.

Today I have to get housework done. It is a must as my partner pointed out he can't find the sofa due to so many items. And why are there so many scraps of wool, glitter, sticky stuff etc etc everywhere?

He is a very patient man - I hope, lol.

Well today, once the housework is done, I'm going to tackle finishing some items off, sewing in threads adding beads, drying out Orange slices, ( I have been informed that will take at lest 6 hours in the oven, low heat) for the popcorn garlands.

I then have 25 magnolia stamped images to handcolour, cut out and prepare for my card making fest over the weekend, which also includes 30 boxes to put the cards in. (I've all ready made 5 cards).

15 crochet and bead tree ornaments to make.

I might fit in preparing tea somewhere here - I have too its the law to feed my children!

Then I presume, I have made it to the early evening and I might think about doing some signage - thank you Katie for pointing this out - I had totally forgotten about this little thing.

I have to work on a price list - prices bother me and I'm going to grab some family and friends to ask advise about this. I don't want to over charge plus I don't want to under charge either - bit of a balancing act really.

So hopefully thats today sorted and then more Crazy crafting stuff over the weekend too.

My Roll of Honor

Thank you to the following folks, who have donated time, energy and and amazing talents:




Chris's step daughter? (I think - I will check).




and my other half just for being patient

I'll update as soon as I can with a progress report.

Plus once I have recieved photo's from yesterdays class, I'll post about that too.

Have a great day, whatever you are doing

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