Monday, 23 November 2009

Off we go again

I've written this twice all ready, I know none of you would be surprised by the fact, but I thought I would let you know anyway.

So to Thursdays Class,

We welcomed Elaine, hi Elaine, and we all grappled 3, yes I said THREE new stitches, starting with the hardest - psst don't tell anyone, but they aren't that hard....

The Galaxy Snowflake - cracking name,

Heres, some piccies

We have Elaines in the petrol green chenile, Annie acrylic yellow and my mustard one ( I do apologise I can't remember the name of the yarn).

Once we got through this master class, haha, we went onto the Puff Stitch.

Now as you can imagine we had a bit of a giggle about the sizes of our Puffs, and I think large or small as long as the shape was OK and even, neither size made a difference for practicing.
Here is mine, and our Super Model Chris, showing off one of my hats, my she is a brave woman, thank you Chris.

So now we have mastered the Galaxy Snowflake and the Puff Stitch, one more to go and that was...

The Popcorn Stitch

Elaines masterpiece. Chris's masterpiece.

You would think that we would be tired out by now and its 1.30pm, but there is still more to learn, and after making sure we aren't making a nuisance of ourselves, we go on...

To Tiralee Roses, now these rose are very easy to make, ask Annie!, they look so complicated, but they are a nice little touch that you can add to a creation, or to band together to make a scarf or belt.

Elaine got into the swing of things, but then realised she didn't have enough yarn, so she went ahead and adapted the pattern by adding a small inner instead of the large outer... Confused?

You'll understand in a moment.

They should look like this

Annie in mid flow...

Chris checking her petals, some disappear, but we found them again...

And Elaines little 'inner'

And there endeth the Class

OK who am I kidding, lets look at some of Annies goodies. On a personal note, I am so chuffed for Annie, as she will admit sometimes, it doesn't come as easy as it should. The main reason for this, and I kid you not, is that she does things back to front... its the first time I have seen this, but she has cracked it and I hope like me, you can see how confident she has become with her hook.

Annies flower with button middle detail.

Annies birds, you may recognise the pattern from Lucy over at Attic24, these I believe are for charity for the Christmas stall.

Great job Annie.

Well that is definately it for Thursday Class,

thank you ladies for attending and hopefully we'll see you next week


  1. i don't know where my comment went so i will put it on again i think i look more like Zelda out of Terrahawks big nose and pointy chin

  2. LOL, Chrissssssss.... You look great