Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Good Afternoon

Hiya all,

OK I've been thinking about our lesson tomorrow, and I have decided that we are going to tackle some scarey looking stitches.... All are very easy to do actually, so don't be put off.

Recipe for Class

A 5mm - 6mm hook if possible and a light coloured double yarn.

(A darker yarn can be used once you have mastered the stitch).

If anyone finds the 5mm-6mm hook too large to use then please bring your usual hook.

We'll also take another look at the Catherine Wheel again if we have time, plus I'd like us to look at making a rose.

Roses come in handy if you have a plain piece of work and you need an embellishment.

I have found a very simple pattern, that uses ch, sc, hdc and dc - so read up on those stitches again. I'll have sheets with stitches on as a reminder.

I'm going now to write everything up, so until tomorrow folks

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