Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Showing off Hobo's

As you all know I call wristwarmers Hobo's, and I have been making a few pair of these.

They are very easy to make up and you can at a very basic level have a pair done within two hours.

I can do a pair whilest watching the soaps in a hour.

Here Chris is modelling them and not so much blur...

Hook 5 - 5.5mm with Chunky Wool

I based these on a foundation chain of 28, 4 turning chains, TRC to end of the chain.

Do 7 rounds of TRC in total.

8th rnd, TRC5, chain 4/5 (depending on the size of your thumb) TRC the 4th/5th stitch in from chain, and TRC to end.

9th rnd TRC across all stitches and along 4/5 chains made.

Finish off by either sewing or crocheting cast on edge to cast off edge (9th rnd).

Or you can substitue TRC with the Ripple stitch which will work over 28sts.

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