Monday, 18 January 2010

Tutorial: Diagonal Box Stitch P2

Continuing on from the first part we are going to make the 3rd round.

You make a Ch of 6 again

You will start to get into the swing of things and do a DC in the 4,5 and 6th chain

Now you are going to flip your work again upwards, like the picture below and if you look to where the point of the hook is this is the space you will be working in next (think ladders top rungs again)

Slst in this space and Ch3, then 3DC's in this space

Again if you look at the position of the head of the hook this is where you are going to place it next, at the top of the next 'ladder'.

Slst, Ch3 and 3DC in this one space

Well Done you have now completed Round 3, hopefully without tears.

You can continue with Chain 6 at beginning of the next round to make the piece wider/longer and follow the basic instructions in the first two parts of this tutorial.

In the final part I'll show you to decrease and explain how to lengthen work on one side (ie for a scarf).

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