Monday, 4 January 2010

A New Year A New Start

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great Christmas and a fabulous New Year.

I'll start with Class dates:

Thursday 14th January Normal Crochet Class

Thursday 21st January Beginners Crochet Class

Thursday 28th January Normal Crochet Class

and something a little different on Thursday 18th February, I will be in shop all day to do a general Craft Day, either Crochet or Knitting and anything else that I can help with. And if I can't help I might be able to find someone who can.

I'll be fitting crochet in the other days in February, but I haven't discussed them yet with the shop-keep:).

I know I have been a bit quiet over the holiday period, but it has been a bit hectic as you can imagine, plus I have my first assessment this week, so I have been doing my own homework for once! (Still got loads to do - hence no class this week).

It means I have a good week to work hard on a Class Plan for this coming month, and of course if anyone has anything that they would like to tackle then let me know so I can research and work something out.

We discussed before the holiday period arrived about Classes and Prices and I will be adding a new Class/Price List in the side bar so please take a look at that. Hopefully it will please everyone.

I've also been working on a new project for myself and for the Easter Fayres that hopefully I'll be attending.
I've also had a word with Heath about the said project and he has agreed to put my pattern in the shop with said item on show.
As you can see I am being a little secretive about it, because it isn't quite fiinshed yet, but you ladies will be the first to see it in class on Thursday 14th Jan.

Keep a look out for the Christmas Class Posting with photo's too.

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