Monday, 18 January 2010

Tutorial: Diagonal Box Stitch P3

This is the Final part of this tutorial - DECREASING

To hope show a little better how to decrease I have done the work in a different colour yarn, self explaintory really when you see the pictures.

Simple first step Chain 1

You then TURN your work NOT flip, like so

You now have to work 3 slsts along the top of the last Dc's you made - please note I have made a mistake in the following picture, I only did two! - then make another slst in the top of the 'ladder' = 4 slsts in total

Ch 3, 3 DC in the same space - just like before when making a box

I bet you can guess what you are going to do next, you place your hook into the top of the 'ladder' space again and slst, Ch3, 3Dc and finish off with slst in the top 'ladder' space.

We are now going to decrease back the other way, again I have changed colour of my yarn.

Chain 1

TURN work

Work along the top of the last 3 DC's you made and into the ladder space and slst in each one.

Ch3, 3DC in this space

And finally slst into the final top block.

Cut yarn and tie off.

Well done you have just made a square that is 3 boxes in length and 3 boxes in width.

But STOP, what if you want to make a rectangle?

You decide the width of your work then decrease only on one side.

So you will work one side with 6 chains as for the increase (P1&P2) - constantly until you have reached the length you would like -


At the SAME you decrease on the opposite side to keep the width you want.

You will see a corner form to your work.

Please remember that the 'BOX' count will stay the same as you work the rows, if you suddenly have one too many you have worked over your decrease eadge and added an extra box.

I hope you can understand this tutorial even if the pictures aint exactley the best

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