Saturday, 16 January 2010

Class Antics

We welcomed Mandy to class on Thursday a lovely lady who has taught herself how to crochet.
We tackled Larksfoot Stitch, and it was Mandy who noticed one foot was missing on the second working - 1st mistake of the day, I had missed the last part of the rnd - doh.

We did a heck of a lot of  gas bagging, catching up with things that had happened over Christmas - hence a very sociable class.

Our second stitch was the Diagonal Box Stitch - I really like this stitch and it is very quick to make up, once you can work out the decrease!

Second mistake of  the day - one must write out clear instructions and understand them, we got there in the  end, Diane sussed it out.

Here is Annies Queen Anne Lace scarf - if you look carefully you can see that she has worked beads into the spaces the lace makes - a lovely piece of work - well done Annie

My Bunny Bu - slightly naked I'm afraid, a work in progress though I have managed to make a PDF file of the instructions.

A big thank you to Diane who provided the class photos and Annie who send me a piccie of her work.

I'm looking at thet Filet stitch as requested for next time, and remember if there is a stitch or project you would like to tackle please contact me.

Until next time happy crocheting

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